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New Smartphone Releases in 2020 that You Must Know About

Need to change out your outdated smartphone? Here are the smartphone releases we’re anticipating in 2020, from the release date to the price, we tell you what you need to know.

Lifestyle, Promotions

14 Hottest Valentine’s Day Deals from ShopBack

Love is in the air! Regardless of your relationship status, here are 14 deals that you can take advantage of this Valentine’s!


Got a Date? Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For The Last Minute Planners

It’s Valentine’s Day! Even if you and your significant other have been together for years, you still should do something special. And it doesn’t have to be romantic, it can also be fun. As long you feel the love around you, it’ll be a good Vday date. Here are some fun and fresh ideas!

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Why You Should Buy An Anti-Theft Bag + How To Choose One

What exactly are anti-theft bags and do you really need one when you travel? We evaluate the pros and cons of anti-theft bags and tell you which are the best ones to get.


Does your Travel Insurance cover Trip Cancellations due to the Novel Coronavirus?

You’re either cancelling or postponing your trip in light of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. But do you know what your Travel Insurance covers?


All-In-One Bangkok Travel Guide: What To Prepare, Where To Eat, And More!

A top tourist destination throughout the year, Bangkok is a city well-loved by many tourists. From the fiery tom yum to the endless sweet treats and cheap shopping, there is an endless list of things to do while you’re in Bangkok!

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