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Off-the-beaten-path destinations in Philippines to visit this holiday season

If you’re looking for a short getaway within the Philippines but want something a little more special and different from the usual, here are 9 destinations that you must visit for a special retreat!


Ramen Wars: Battle of the best ramen bowls in Metro Manila

Ramen bowls are extremely popular, but with so many varieties, which do you choose? Read on to find out.


The Biggest One-Day Sales is here! All you need to know for the 11.11 Sales

Ready for the biggest one-day sales of the year? We’ve put together a whole list of what you have to know for the upcoming 11/11 sales. So get your cards ready and prepare to shop away!


ShopFest Travel Guide: Unusual Holiday Destinations For Your Next Adventure

Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere new to visit this holiday season. We’ve got a list of unusual holiday destinations that will blow your mind!

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What’s New On Netflix So You Can Have A Chill Marathon

Today, millions of people have a Netflix subscription. But, you might ask, what’s new on Netflix? Read on to find out more!

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Bedroom Essentials That You Need To Get For A Better Night’s Sleep

The way you decorate your bedroom affects both your sleep and your mood. Read on to find out how these bedroom essentials will improve your sleep quality.

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